what is it?_

Interactive marketing put simply, means ‘using content to engage your audience based on their participation.’ It’s like a conversation, but without taking part.

To elaborate, have you ever seen those ‘build your own quote’ forms on a website? THAT’s interactive marketing.

And in a world where customers are becoming more service-centric than ever before, coupled with an ever-decreasing attention span, being able to provide a customised experience using data and curation is key.

Interactive content is more engaging than traditional content methods, because it encourages customers to actively engage in your business, goods, or services. Think ‘gamification’ at its core.

Apparently, “96 percent of consumers who start BuzzFeed contests actually finish them.”

Why? Because in the globally escalating conversion war, interactivity gives people a reason to stay on your page. Lovely.

Also, interactive content experiences can go viral on social media. And since most social platforms are highly visual, it’s easier to attract attention via interactivity, as opposed to static content.

For instance, if you deliver a satisfying, enjoyable, entertaining, or educational experience, you’ll win over your viewers’ loyalty. People revisit sites they like. If you’re consistently providing an awesome user experience, or UX, you can expect people to return.

As well as this, all of those views will help your content to rank much higher in search engines. Plus, you’ll enjoy social shares, and other forms of word of mouth that help businesses to grow quickly.

Here are some common and effective interactive content ideas you can use:

  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Interactive Calculators
  • Assessments
  • Interactive E-books
  • Interactive Emails
  • Webinars
  • Mobile Apps or Games
  • Diagnostic Tests or Troubleshooting Tools
  • Interactive Timelines
  • Augmented Reality Overlays
  • Interactive 360 Videos

Just because your content is interactive, it doesn’t mean that it’ll produce results. Make sure that you have KPIs in place to measure your content’s effectiveness. Measure metrics such as time on page, bounce rate, lead generation, feedback, and social shares. That way, you’ll know whether you need to make tweaks, or start over from scratch.

The Conclusion

Interactive content IS the future. We’re seeing more interactive videos, infographics, quizzes, benchmark assessments, and other new types of media every single day. NOW is the time to get on top of it.

So. What are you waiting for?

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