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A Bespoke Vacancy Tracker

Search Consultancy are one of the UK’s leading recruitment consultancies. With offices in 13 locations throughout the UK covering various different disciplines and services. Search Recruitment have a focus of placing people within a large range of commercial and industry sectors at all levels, including Construction, Healthcare and IT –  Search Consultancy strives to be the recruitment partner of choice for a varied pool of skill sets.

Why Wirebox?

Search had a high turnover of staff and all internal vacancies were all managed initially through an excel spreadsheet. The vacancies were out of date minutes after the spreadsheets were distributed internally, users were adding new vacancies without approval and management had no visibility or reporting. 

The spreadsheets were distributed to their 140 recruiting managers across the UK. This resulted in hundreds of different copies of a single spreadsheet. 

When a hiring manager needed to fill a vacancy, they would enter the job details into the spreadsheet and send it off to the HR team. The HR team would then decipher the spreadsheet and transfer the data into their ‘master’ sheet. This was then sent to their internal recruitment team to kickstart their hiring process.

A significant amount of time was spent deciphering the hiring manager’s spreadsheets.

Some of the issues Search Recruitment faced included:

  • Recruitment manager would have own version of spreadsheets
  • Each Recruitment manager would spend hours per day transferring data
  • Vacancies were being raised even without the correct approval internally
  • Search’s internal team had to manually update the Job boards to publish roles (duplicate entry).

Search Recruitment were stuck in Excel Hell, managing not only the vacancies but also the administration and management of the spreadsheet was costing in excess of 40 hours per week.

Our Approach

Wirebox worked in partnership with Search Recruitment’s HR team to learn and understand their internal recruitment process, which provided invaluable insight into the business, allowing our consultants to piece together the perfect solution. The organisation had multiple locations all managing different sectors – with each sector running multiple recruitment teams – and different users with different permissions throughout the organisation. 

It was important in the initial phase to document the current / existing processes – the processes the business currently followed to achieve their goals.  Documenting the internal processes provided the ideal opportunity to challenge the reasoning behind them, to see if we could improve the processes, not only from a technical perspective,  but also a business perspective. 

After several reviews and improvements the proposed process from a well challenged technical perspective was put forward. A wireframe was developed to allow the directors of Search Recruitment to visualise the new system, amends followed and the new system was signed off for Wirebox developers to deliver. 

It was decided to deliver the new system using the Laravel framework, the PHP framework “for web artisans” and the front end was built using the latest JS, HTML and CSS.

The business adopted new processes which allowed the organisation to be more efficient, reducing the time to register a vacancy from 5 days to 4 hours.

The Project Included:

  • Business process consultancy, scoping and planning workshops
  • Documentation of the current processes
  • Wireframe of the proposed solution with a written functional specification
  • Testing – internal testing, client testing, feedback and delivery


Following a successful build and test (from both Wirebox and Search Recruitment internally), the platform was deployed on cloud hosted servers. We continue to manage and work closely with Search Recruitment’s HR team, whose testimonial can provide more insight than we could describe:

Our Approach Delivered:

  • A fully bespoke user-friendly database, that has been adopted and praised by over 180 staff
  • Time savings of 2-3 hours of admin work per week per employee who use the system
  • A more streamlined internal hiring process with automation & notifications to save ~£4000 per week

Search Consultancy have been working with John and his team at Wirebox to provide a bespoke solution to tracking internal vacancies across 15 offices, 6 verticals , 30 industry sectors and 140 Recruiting managers.

Previously “managed “ via an enormous spreadsheet which was by no means user friendly or fit for purpose and caused no end of frustration to end users.

The Wirebox team worked from the initial scope and developed a fantastic solution which is interactive, fast, clear and allows full transparency and consistency across the business.

We are delighted with the end result. I would highly recommend Wirebox who are not only innovative, but friendly, reactive and a real pleasure to work with.

Kathryn Boyd

Director of HR

HR, Internal Recruitment & Training

Search Consultancy Ltd

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