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Network 14 is a fresh, innovative and ethical hiring platform that helps Employers save up to 85% by swapping expensive recruiter fees for charitable donations at a fraction of the cost.

Covering vacancies in multiple sectors including Finance, Legal, Marketing, Sales & Technology and currently focusing jobs in the United Kingdom.

The founder, Elan Diamond, wanted to create a socially responsible hiring platform for ethical employers – a platform that is unique and allows employers to gain vetted, credible candidates without the need for Recruitment Consultants / Agencies.

why wirebox?

The process designed by Elan was unique – currently there wasn’t an online system that allowed organisation to receive vetted candidates by credible sponsors. Each candidate was to be responsible in gaining their own sponsor via the system prior to being able to apply through the system for an available post.

Network 14 also wanted to ensure they were able to oversee the process from the back end of the system, to update the content where required and to add and remove users, candidates, sponsors and organisations.

It was clear from the outset that the technology was bespoke and for this reason an “off the shelf” Content Management Solution would not be the best solution. Network 14 required a bespoke database to be developed to manage the processes, hence Wirebox were requested to discuss and review the proposed project.

Due to Wirebox’s reputation for developing bespoke databases & matching algorithms within the recruitment sector, we were able to demonstrate a greater insight into the sector, and have a better understanding of initial requirements.

our approach_

Wirebox approached this project by holding initial stakeholder meetings and discovery days with our consultants and Network 14 which began the planning phase – The results of this were clear documentation and fully interactive prototypes.

Creating a prototype – in this instance a wireframe of the proposed solution – allowed both parties to visualise how the system would work. Feedback was gained on the solution and the wireframe was refined to a point where we could develop a functional specification. Upon sign off on the Wireframe and Functional specification we could move to the second phase of the project.

Working with our lead technical architect we then decided on the technology. Whilst it was clear this was to be a bespoke project we looked at using the web application framework Laravel.


the project included:
  • An in-depth planning phase which spanned over 8 weeks, which included discovery days with key stakeholders, the development of detailed interactive prototypes and the creation of an elaborate functional specification
  • Mapping the user journeys through the system, marking the benefits the system will provide each user type.
  • Utilising Laravel – a PHP framework to develop the bespoke website and portal based on designs & functional specification
  • Multiple stakeholder meetings throughout the development phase to ensure that the project remained on course and within budget.

Wirebox developed the website and portal utilising the popular PHP Framework Laravel which was the proposed solution due to its ability to handle extremely complex processes.

Currently there are £15,000 worth of donations on the portal ready and waiting, with around 7-8 companies signed up and actively hiring.

Wirebox learned that there are always new ways to help companies achieve their corporate social responsibilities, and we were proud to have developed Network 14 to make a difference.

our approach delivered:
  • A disruptive portal which focuses on ethical hiring which could change the shape of the recruitment industry
  • A new way for employers to go through the hiring process whilst cutting down hiring costs as they had full control over the fee they paid
  • Allowing candidates make more use of their business network by requiring a sponsor to progress towards an interview.

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