Law South

Revitalizing Law South how wirebox redesigned and enhanced the website

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Law South is a grouping of twelve high profile firms of solicitors based in the Midlands, London and the south of England.

Law South Group Ltd has its home in Chichester, West Sussex and provides a variety of centralised services for its member firms, including webinars and training.

By working together with like-minded individuals, member firms build up a relationship in a non-competitive environment thus providing a forum to share and discuss ideas, problems & experiences with a common focus of achieving ‘best practice’.

why wirebox?_

Wirebox were recommended to redevelop the existing law south website. 

Wirebox has a rich history working with firms in the law industry and its experience and knowledge aid in any digital development requirement.

our approach_

We understood the importance of the Law South website to its members and we followed the steps

  • Discover
    • Workshop to understand law souths requirements and to thrash out thoughts
    • Review the proposed architecture and challenge it
    • Review the audience types and challenge it
    • Review user journeys and challenge it
    • Gather brand assets
    • Logo artwork, colour palette, supporting typeface and direction for iconography, photography or illustration
  • Define
    • Initial rapid prototype of 2-3 functioning design ideas with interactive site.
    • Starts with simple hotspots moving to rollovers, drop downs if applicable
    • Ideas across Mobile & Desktop

From our approach we were able to identity the important functions were

  • Restricted logins to members without using password.
  • Book and view training from external training management system Dante
  • Marketing team able to edit the content from the site
  • Public facing part of the website.

Wirebox selected WordPress as the CMS solution which met all of Law South’s needs. 

Dante provided a wordPress plugin which enabled courses to be displayed on the site. We had to customise the plugin to enable the functionality required. Dante support were very helpful in any changes we required to their API.

Law South did not want to have usernames and passwords to login, to achieve login we used a magic login. Users will enter their email address and a user will get a link to login to the site

Overall the website has been well received. The functionality has improved considerably over the old site.

The site is one place where everything can be edited and integrates all courses in Dante.