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about Kidney Care UK_

Kidney Care UK (KCUK) is the UK’s leading kidney patient support charity. We offer advice, support and financial grants and assistance to thousands of kidney patients and their families every year. Originally known as the The British Kidney Patient Association (BKPA) and first established by their founder Elizabeth Ward OBE in 1975 after successfully campaigning to bring donor cards to the UK.

Why Wirebox?

Wirebox were recommended to take over the support and hosting by the creators of Wagtail – Torchbox. After successfully transitioning and supporting another Wagtail client for a couple of years, we had a key understanding and expertise of developing with Wagtail.

Our approach_

We understood the importance of the Kidney Care UK website for those that need support with their kidney disease, so we had to get the transition right, with very little downtime.

For all site transitions, we follow a 3 step process, where we create the required server environments:

  • Bespoke server setup based on website resource usage
  • Implementing custom backup rulesets to align with KCUK data policy
  • Adding specific server monitoring tools that alert us of any potential issues before they occur

Following this we then set the website up on a local machine for initial testing, where we then commit the website to a staging server for our QA team to review and compare with the existing site, noting any discrepancies for the development team to resolve. 

Once our QA team were happy with the Wagtail website’s functions and performance and KCUK had signed off on User Acceptance Testing. We then changed the DNS settings to put the transitioned website live. Ultimately with no downtime.


KCUK has now been a Wirebox client for the last 4 years, where we have provided technical assistance that has resulted in a year on year growth in traffic of ~60%. Some of the methods that we have used for this are:

  • Identifying key terms relative to their Charity and actioning them
  • Optimised landing pages
  • Increased speed and security of the site through technical SEO

In addition, we have worked with KCUK to deliver a number of digital campaigns, including a collaboration between KCUK, Astrazeneca and Wirebox to promote a quiz around the risk factors of Chronic Kidney Disease. Ryan has even completed a charity skydive in October 2019 for Kidney Care UK and raised over £350.

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