what is nookal?_

Nookal is a practice management software system for health practices and clinics.
We have clients who use Nookal and provides their practices with excellent features to help them bring the best services to their clients.


But with any off the shelf software there are limitations.

Advantages of Nookal
  • System used by thousands of companies. Proven to work in the field and has a dedicated company to support the software.
  • Monthly fees with little setup costs, so the software cost to your practice scales with your business.
  • Features updating all the time.
  • Good software system
Limitations of Nookal
  • Online payment providers currently are limited and doesn’t work with Apple or Google Pay. This will eventually be included but being forced to one payment merchant is not ideal
  • Limited customisation of the online booking form. The booking form has all functions to book any service. This is good for some instances, but when you need to book one service or one location to speed up bookings, it is not ideal.
  • API limitations. Nookal has an API but it is does not have all endpoints which are required.
Custom Nookal Booking Form

A booking form needed to be developed with one or a few services.
This would help with onboarding new clients.
A booking form with too many options, has low conversion rates.



For the design we stripped the options to a bare minimum, so the new client can quickly book a service as fast as possible.

The first screen captures the name and service they want.

The calendar then looks up via the Nookal API to see the availability of the practitioner.

How do we do this

Nookal has an API which we are able to receive and send data. This allows us to build our own form and send the data we need to make the bookinsg.

Not all data is available on the Nookal API, but enough is accessible, to get the availability and make the booking.

Advantages of the custom booking form

Select any payment Gateway. With the custom booking form we can add any payment gateway, Nookal only has a selection available on their booking form.

Other integrations available. Having complete control we can integrate into other systems, such a Zapier or any other system with an API. This has its advantages of flexibility.

Speed. Our form is fast, it is optimised for desktop and mobile
Tracking. We can implement any tracking and add custom events.
Learn and Optimise. We can record what users are doing and change the booking form to improve conversions. The current Nookal booking form you cannot do this.