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Kids Aid is a Northampton-based charity providing therapy and support for children and young people who have suffered from trauma.

The website was designed in conjunction with YUMYUM Creative to be inviting and easy to navigate. It contains big, colourful graphics and interactive links to allow easy click-through. The text is readable and balanced against pictures and blank space allowing readers to quickly find the information they need. The design fits in with the Kids Aid brand and logo, which is obviously child-friendly as well as creative and recognisable.

The donations page allows the option of making a monthly or one-off donation online, with information to donate in other ways as well. We used the payment system Paypal to provide donors with a quick and secure way of making recurring payments.

The page has multiple links and click-through pathways to carry out actions, but these are not redundant, and are designed to follow the experiences that site users will go through in order to donate, making the process intuitive and flexible to their style of reading and browsing.


The site uses SEO and specific keywords which people would look for in order to find this particular charity, or a charity like it or based in a similar area. The ‘unique selling points’ of the charity are emphasised through the work they do with schools, organised activities such as fun runs, and the therapy that the site delivers.

The website has social media integration with Twitter and Facebook accounts in order to share current news, campaigns and information, as well as reach out to service users, donors and volunteers.

Kids Aid decided to use our website design because it fit with their aims of a site that is accessible for all, gets across the message of their charity, is easy to use and enables relationships with those with a stake in the charity. Wirebox has worked with several charities, including the automotive charity BEN and Hope For Depression. Our aim is to help these charities make connections and enable charitable giving through providing engaging online experiences and effective digital tools. The voluntary sector has a lot of potential to use digital media and technology to grow.


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