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Choosing a database system that ticks all the boxes for your business now and in the future can be a daunting task with many factors to take into considerations. Download our guide to choosing the right database for your business here.

There are a lot of options available such as off the shelf, fully custom built, or a little bit of both. Click here to download our handy guide on which database is right for your business. In this article, we look at the benefits of each type and which one might be best suited for your business.

The choices and availability of off the shelf software are vast. There are hundreds of online systems that cater to all tasks across all industries. Getting started with most of these types of software is relatively cheap and quick to get started. This makes them perfect for smaller sized businesses. While an off the shelf database may seem like an easy and attractive option to start with, there are many advantages to having a bespoke database software system. A bespoke solution can offer more advantages and will likely be better in the long-term.


Advantages of bespoke database software systems

Taking on a large project may seem daunting but when you choose a bespoke database system that is unique to your business the possibilities are endless. The initial outlay can pay for itself quickly and there are huge benefits to owning your own software.

Exclusive to your business

Going custom made will ensure that the database will do precisely what your business needs it to do. In addition, it will set you apart from competitors. You don’t pay for features that you will never use plus you have ongoing support and maintenance from your developers.


As your business grows, it’s inevitable that changes and adaptations will be needed. These can be made more easily with your own custom software as opposed to a one size fits all off the shelf system. A bespoke database can be flexible and manage increased workloads and changes to processes easily.


Another major benefit of choosing custom software is that it is more difficult for hackers to attack. Hackers unfortunately, are already more than familiar with any vulnerabilities of the off-the-shelf systems. With a system that is unique to your business and only accessible to your employees, you are keeping security risks to a minimum.


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Suzanne Kyle