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October 2017

WP Engine Halloween Deal

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Halloween is approaching, so if your fear is missing out on great deals then don’t wait until then.
From now until October 31st, get 5 months free of WP Engine when you purchase a personal, professional or business plan. Just click on this link and use the code “halloween2017”. The deal does not apply to updates or any other products.

There’s no better time to get a WP Engine plan. Halloween and other holidays offer opportunities for marketing as people communicate and share content related to them. Here are some of our favourite Halloween online marketing campaigns.

Dark M&M’s 50 Dark Movies in a Painting

M&M Halloween poster

For Halloween, and to celebrate dark chocolate M&M’s, the company created an online game where you had to identify 50 dark or scary movies, imaginatively hidden in a Hieronymus Bosch-style painting. The game was both funny and engaging, providing content as well as some ingenious advertising for the product. Thanks to the web archive, you can still play the game online.

Halloween Hills by Target

Halloween Hills Instagram feeds

Halloween Hills was an innovative campaign created by Target for the run-up to Halloween. A virtual neighbourhood on Instagram, Halloween Hills consisted of illustrated houses containing either a trick or treat, linking users to DIY photo tutorials of a recipe or family-friendly craft.

Spooky Energy Calculator

Halloween energy calculator

Last year the US Government Department of Energy helped people understand energy better, one bucket of candy at a time. Translating different measures of energy into buckets of candy, chainsaw hours and witch-trips to space was used as an entertaining way to teach people about energy, as well as just how much halloween candy you need to fly into space.

Honourable Mention: Microsoft Holds a Funeral for iPhone

Remember that time Microsoft held a mock funeral for the iPhone and Blackberry, with hearses, a procession with bagpipes and Halloween costumes? No, it wasn’t some kind of fever-dream. It was a campaign to launch the Windows Phone 7, the “iPhone killer” which would put Apple to shame. Unfortunately, Microsoft will no longer develop the platform after major cuts to its phone business. Spooky.

By admin October 2017

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