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July 2017

WordPress 4.8

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What to Expect from WordPress 4.8

Expectations are everything, and with the new WordPress 4.8 “Evans” coming out in a week’s time, the new properties and features need to be explained in detail to give developers an informed preview of what to expect. Named after the jazz pianist Bill Evans, the latest version of WordPress promises to be more dynamic, user-oriented and intuitive.


WordPress Engine will handle the upgrading of WordPress for you, but version 4.8 also ensures that the process is more secure. To better protect your site while WP Engine is upgrading, you will be sent 2 automated notices. The first will be received 7 days prior to the upgrade, the second on the day of the upgrade. An automatic backup of the current state of the site will also be created, and once the site is updated to WordPress 4.8 it will be tested to make sure that it loads properly.

If the site loads without any problems, all is well. If the site does encounter some problems, then it will revert to the saved backup made prior to the upgrade. A simple and elegant way of maintaining your site against the risk of data loss.

On the other hand, you can defer your upgrade for up to 60 days if need be to prepare your website; i.e. update the data, change the format, use new software to make the most of Evans’ best features.


Widgets are applications which can perform certain specific functions for your website. Using the widgets on Evans you can post an image without using any code, just by inserting the image directly using the Image Widget. The Video Widget can be used to add any video from your media file. You can also upload audio files in the form of podcasts, musical pieces or talks using the Audio Widget. The Rich Text Widget gives you full control over text customisation and formatting.

Another feature is link boundaries. Do you ever find reformatting or changing a link tedious? You try to highlight the link-text and find that you haven’t selected the right text, or have to re-write it all over again to change the wording. But with link boundaries, Evans simplifies and streamlines the entire process, making it possible to re-write a link almost instantly.

User Interface

As a developer, you want easy to use features that make your job simpler. Evans has a spate of features to make developers happy:

  • Multisite updates, and hooks and tweaks you can use to control sites on a more granular scale
  • Customisable width variables for text, which use percentage rather than pixel-based variables
  • Text-Editor Javascript API, which can be used to add an editor instance to texts, as well as extra buttons and features
  • Removal of Core Support WMA and WMV files

Those are what you can expect from WordPress 4.8. If you want to know more about what you can do with WordPress, contact us.

By admin July 2017

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