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March 2015

Why You Should Update WordPress

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It may seem like a hassle, but you should update WordPress whenever a new version comes out. Let me explain why.

WordPress, like any other piece of software on your computer or mobile device, gets new versions from time to time. But because WordPress is an Open Source community, lots of people around the world are constantly trying to find new ways to improve WordPress, or fix problems that the current version of WordPress might have. So WordPress releases new versions frequently.

There are three reasons why you should update whenever you see a message like this:


New Features

Updating will improve the features on your website. New versions of WordPress improve on features of the old versions, making them easier to use and more effective. If you only update WordPress sporadically, then you will have to learn how to use multiple new features, which may take up more of your time.



The latest version of WordPress may have improved security features that prevent anyone from hacking into your site. If a hacker breaks into your site, they could insert malicious code to change or disable it. New versions of WordPress come with a bug fix report, a list of bugs in the old version. Hackers can use this list to find weaknesses in sites that run older versions of WordPress. Preventing this from happening, by updating WordPress whenever you can, is easier than undoing the damage.


If a hacker breaks into your site, they could use malicious links to bring down your search engine ranking.This would make it harder for people to find your website. A business website needs to be easy to view, otherwise you might lose potential customers.



New versions of WordPress address bugs, functionality problems that weren’t anticipated in the previous version. If you’re having functionality issues with your WordPress powered site, updating to the latest version might be all you need to do.

To keep up to date as to when you should update WordPress, you can download this plugin. WordPress Updates Notifier sends you automatic emails to tell you when core, plugin and theme updates are available. You can choose how often it checks for updates, from hourly to daily. You can also choose whether to get notifications about all plugin and theme updates, or only the active ones. You need never be late to a WordPress update again.

By admin March 2015

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