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December 2016

What are AMPs?

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AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and they are, quite simply, faster pages. Maybe, you say, you’re a mobile user and your pages don’t load quickly enough. You wouldn’t be in the minority; it can often take several seconds for a mobile page to load and 40% of people will give up during those seconds. Google has worked to bring that time down in order to improve the browsing experience of mobile users. The AMP Project is an open source initiative to make mobile pages load super fast for everyone. The HTML pages use technical tricks and computer wizardry to drive down loading time and give people more instantaneous access to the content they’re interested in.

In the same way that Google awarded sites that were “mobile friendly” the initiative now is to improve the user’s experience online when using mobile devices, which by design and connection are not always the quickest to display. When Wirebox converted non mobile friendly sites to a responsive design we recognised an increase in both ranking and traffic to these sites – we expect this to be the same for sites that adopt the AMP technology.

In the next year, AMP sites will be showcased by Google through expanded exposure, to spread the word about AMP and motivate e-commerce and media sites to work to improve user experiences across the globe. Sites that are already creating AMP content are capturing the imagination of their audience, so you need to look into this if you want an edge over your competitors in terms of mobile speed. The feedback that Google is getting is promising. You can learn how to implement AMP here. The future is mobile browsing, and it’s time to get AMPed up.

By admin December 2016

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