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August 2015

The Virtues of Small Design Agencies

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So you’ve decided to hire a website design agency to help create the perfect website for your business. Which agency should you go for? Should you hire a big, well known company, or a smaller one? Here are some reasons why small or freelance design agencies are great and will provide you with everything you need.

They are innovative and cutting edge

All good small design agencies will keep up to date with cutting edge technology, as well as design trends. Also, since their job involves being creative and thinking of elegant solutions to problems, they tend to be innovative and full of new ideas.

Small agencies want the work and are ambitious

A small agency has to work harder to keep its customers happy, so that they keep coming back for excellent service. Starting up your own small business takes ambition and drive, so small web design agencies are sure to put all their effort into creating bespoke digital solutions for their clients.


They are flexible about design changes

If you want to make a few small changes to your website, don’t be hesitant about making suggestions to your web designer. Small design agencies are able to work with clients to make the website fit their clients’ needs and expectations. Small agencies are more able to provide a personal approach that will help to nail down the details.

They are accessible during off hours

If you encounter a sudden problem or unexpected need regarding your website or online presence, small agencies can normally be contacted during off hours. Because every client is important to small web designers, they have to be ready for sudden tasks, such as marketing an upcoming event or fixing a problem with the website.

Small agencies want to promote themselves through their work

A small agency, especially one just starting up, sinks or swims based on the reputation of its brand. Their main source of advertising will be previous work, as well as the testimonials of their clients. So when small agencies design your website they aren’t just trying to make you happy. They’re trying to demonstrate to the world that they can design top quality sites that can turn visitors into customers.

They give consistent service

Because small agencies have fewer people, the person or group that works on your website will probably produce a more consistent service. They will have worked with you from the beginning, and so will be able to efficiently and painlessly implement future website updates.

They work fast and deliver early

Freelance and small web designers tend to work fast and deliver projects early. They’re aware that customers might take their business elsewhere if they don’t complete projects in a timely manner. This doesn’t mean that they cut corners or deliver incomplete work; a small design agency has to be able to perfect its craft in order to survive.

So there you have it. Because smaller design agencies are faster, more innovative, more flexible and more motivated, they are probably the best option for your business’ online needs. It just goes to show that bigger isn’t always better.


By admin August 2015

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