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August 2010

The New “Secret” Google Ranking Factor Searcher Task Accomplishment

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This new digital strategy is the most exciting opportunity in the past 10 years because for once there is a clear and measurable benefit for your business.

Moz recently published a video revealing a new ranking factor that improves the ranking of your website in search engines but will also increase your bottom line. Searcher task accomplishment is basically if a visitor converts after landing on your website from Google. Google is improving its experience yet again but also rewarding you for improving your conversion rate.

The reason you have not heard about this change is it’s not directly part of Google’s algorithm so no update has been released. Moz has measured ranking results across a large number of sites which lead them to this conclusion and there is sufficient proof that Searcher Task Accomplishment is what Google is optimising toward with all ranking signals.

What is Searcher Task Accomplishment?

When someone performs a search, they’re trying to actually accomplish something i.e. “where can I buy Adidas football boots online”, the searcher is in the market to buy Adidas football boots. Think of it like this, anyone using a search engine isn’t just looking for a list of results: they have an actual end goal in mind. Google wants to help them reach their end goal as quickly as possible by providing the best quality results.

Previously Google needed to perform large updates such as Penguin and Hummingbird to change how their algorithm worked, but with all of the data coming from Chrome, Android and Analytics, they’re able to understand what websites are truly fulfilling the searchers’ needs.

What actions do I need to take?

Wirebox can help you implement a conversion rate optimisation strategy. Firstly, we can set up goal/funnel tracking on all your web pages. Once we know the how well each page performs we can implement a/b tests to change different elements such as colours, text, images and videos and increase your overall conversion rate. Small changes can make a huge difference. Changing the colour of your call to action button can improve your conversion rate by up to 66%.

As your visitors become increasingly engaged and your website conversions increase so will your search engine rankings. The best part is, not only will your rankings improve but so will the revenue you generate online, the ROI of your marketing activity and your CPA will reduce. Finally, a Google change that will improve your bottom line.


Adopting this early and before your competitors will give you a head start and it will be hard for your competitors to catch up.

Good CRO strategies take time and large amounts of testing is required. The homepage has been through thousands of A/B test and this is still ongoing, however if you increase your conversion rate from 2% – 3% you will increase your leads/sales by 50% without any extra marketing spend.

By admin August 2010

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