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Take Control of Your Domain Name

September 28 2015

Changing domain name
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Your website’s domain name is right there, in the address bar on the top of the screen. It gives people a glimpse of what your website is about and takes them to your website. But who owns your domain name? Do you know? If not, then you can find out by doing a Whois search to find out the registrant of your website’s domain name.

Why You Should Register Your Own Domain Name

If you haven’t registered your own domain name, you should consider it. There are many reasons to do this. It costs a small annual fee to register and maintain a domain name which you pay to a company called a domain name registrar. But it’s worth this small cost to own your domain name and do with it what you wish. This means that you can change or update the website content when you want to and you have the final say as to what a web designer does to your site. If you hire a web designer that takes too long, doesn’t get back to you or doesn’t do a good job, you can reconstruct your own website yourself. If your web host goes bad or becomes unusable, then you can up sticks and take your domain name and website to another host.

Taking Your Domain Name Back

If your domain name isn’t your own, then get one which you can then point wherever you want. You can register the domain name yourself by finding and buying it on ICANN or another accredited registrar. Then you can enter the name servers of the website into your domain and hey presto, your domain now points to that website. This means that anyone who types your domain name into the browser will be directed to that website.

Moving Your Website

If you want to move your website to a new webhost, you need to think about legal issues. Specifically, copyright on your old website design. If you aren’t sure that the copyright is yours, then you might want to consult your lawyer on this, as I don’t know the details and am not competent to decide what counts as breach of copyright. Please don’t sue me.

Nowadays, having your own domain name is good sense for any individual. For a company that sells products online, it’s a necessity. It means that when you need to move or change your website, you can. If you need to get a new web host or web designer, you can. You are free to set the terms of your own business, as any entrepreneur would wish to. Speak to a Wirebox consultant today for more information about making your website work for you.