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September 23 2015

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We were recently asked by a client who uses WordPress whether it would be worth them changing to Drupal. Many online marketers might be wondering whether it’s worth using a different content management system to the one they already have. In this blog, we’ll look at the costs of changing systems and whether it’s worth it.


The first thing to think about when deciding to move to a new CMS is how long it will take both to find the right CMS and install it. Selecting a CMS isn’t as easy as looking up reviews online; finding the right vendor is like finding a spouse, you need to get to know who you’re buying from as well as the product. You also need to know what your company needs, how different departments make use of CMS and to what extent. After you’ve found the perfect CMS, you need to export all of your content, as well as go through demos and getting used to the new system. The migration phase of switching systems will also require backing up your content. These stages of progression will require time and energy to be spent on them rather than other tasks.


You will also need to retrain your staff on how to use the new CMS. The amount of training required will depend on how different the new CMS is compared to the old CMS (Which, if you’re dissatisfied with your current system, is surely the reason why you want to use the new system.), as well as how user friendly the new system is. Presumably user friendliness will be one of the determining factors in your choice to switch, but if you’re interested in this particular system because it has more features or a greater level of choice, this will translate into the system being more complex unless it comes with support or free consultation.

Furthermore, while you might be excited about this new CMS, other people on your team might be wary at best. To win over the future users of the new CMS you may need to sell it to them, by taking the time to educate them about it and what it can do for your company.

Is It Necessary?

Is there something that you can’t do with your current CMS? You might think that the current tools available to you are insufficient, but perhaps there are ways of using the tools you have more effectively. It might be less expensive to get a system assessment to find out how to do what you need to do with what you have. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
Also, if the CMS you’re on has a premium service that you aren’t using, consider the cost of switching to a completely new CMS compared to the cost of using the premium version of the CMS you’re already on. This might turn out to be a better deal.

In conclusion, given the cost of switching to a new CMS, you want to switch only if you need to. If you’re pulling your hair out because the CMS you’re on is woefully insufficient for your purposes, or if you’re just finding the system unusable for whatever reason, then you should consider changing. But if, as many of us have been, you’re just bedazzled by what the new system offers, don’t forget to appreciate what you already have: a CMS that has met your needs time and again.