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September 2016

Squarespace Agency London

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Our SquareSpace Service

At Wirebox, we work with SquareSpace because we believe in its usefulness to users from small startups to large established companies, as well as the benefit SquareSpace powered websites have for viewers and visitors to the website. SquareSpace is open to everyone, but it can pay to make use of the expertise of experienced developers to get the most out of the many tools and functions available.

What is SquareSpace?

SquareSpace is a website building Content Management System (CMS) available for free online. It’s a very popular website designed to be used by a wide number of people. An active community of many individuals produces a wealth of assistance and helps the SquareSpace team to weed out bugs and make the platform more functional and efficient.

SquareSpace was originally designed with blogs, online journals, in mind. However, it quickly became the website platform of choice for the business community, because there is so much that can be done with it. You can choose the format of your website, how frequently you update and manage the content, and who has access to the front and back ends. There are many forums offering advice and guidance for first time users of SquareSpace, which is vital in opening up SquareSpace to the online public.

SquareSpace has the resources to deal with expanding website traffic as your website grows and becomes more popular. SquareSpace also provides you with the means to increase traffic through analytics, SEO and effective link building. SquareSpace can be used to skillfully integrate all your existing social media accounts, as well as create new ones, which is essential for businesses as this facilitates interaction with business colleagues and customers directly, increasing customer loyalty and interest.

For Users

If you want to build your own SquareSpace site, well done for taking the initiative! It’s a greatly rewarding process which can allow you to learn a lot about website construction and visibility. We recommend downloading SquareSpace and exploring its various features, with emphasis on the platform as a Content Management System (CMS). Websites that look good, are welcoming and function well are the bedrock of any good online campaign or presence. There are many online introductory training courses to using SquareSpace that you can visit to learn more, such as Lynda SquareSpace Training.

For Business

For any business with an online presence, SquareSpace is an invaluable and cost effective tool for engaging consumers and increasing traffic and interest. You can manage your business website from anywhere in the world securely. You have the freedom to design the website in line with your business’ style and values. At Wirebox, we have the skills to facilitate this; we use SquareSpace on a regular basis and understand all of its features.

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