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Wirebox are Database Experts

Wirebox have long standing experience working with businesses to improve their data systems. Our team have created custom databases using a range of database engines such as MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB. We can adapt existing databases, extract and migrate data from an old data system to a new one, or design new databases to fit with the applications your business uses.

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Businesses are Tired of Excel

There are many downsides to Excel which cost businesses time, money and resources:

  • On average, Excel users spend 28 hours a week working with spreadsheets
  • Each user can spend up to 9 hours a week needlessly repeating work
  • This costs £8,740 per year
  • Overall, that’s 2 billion hours of unnecessary work, or £48 billion per year!
  • It’s also easy for human errors to creep into a spreadsheet, as Excel accepts whatever you type into a cell
  • Spreadsheets are also unsafe, because it’s hard to control who sees and uses them

Help me escape Excel Hell

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The Alternative: A Database

Databases solve all these problems in ways that are efficient, simple and cost-effective:

  • They manage data faster and simpler, saving time
  • They enable you to manage the relations between data, minimising duplication
  • They can be implemented and updated using open-source tools, making them more cost-effective
  • They are more user-friendly and intuitive, reducing the risk of inaccuracies
  • They give you control over access, making them safer

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Wirebox Testimonials

“Wirebox created an advanced user-friendly website and database system capable of handling multiple requirements… The work carried out by Wirebox has always been to our satisfaction and they have always been on hand to resolve any teething problems faced when a new website is launched.”
Anvay Pandya, Proceed UK - Corporate Development Director
“Wirebox were knowledgeable and helpful… They custom developed the backend system for our website, to manage and track orders and also facilitate payments through our payment gateway. We currently have a backend database which tracks our leads and enquiries and we can manage and view this in real time if required.”
Frank Fonda, Penguin Cold Caps

I’m ready to escape Excel Hell

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Our Database Process

We have a 4-step process to creating a database that fits your specifications:

  1. Analyse: Extract, clean and merge data for statistical analysis
  2. Design: Create a comprehensive database model with all logical and physical choices in a Data Definition Language
  3. Develop: Develop the database in a variety of engines to find the right one
  4. Test: Simulate live activities to determine the database’s functionality

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