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November 2016

SEO 2017

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What’s important for basic SEO strategies in 2017

We pride ourselves on constantly keeping ourselves at the forefront of the digital industry. This is no easy task and requires a constant effort to learn new strategies and even predict what is going to happen next. One of the ways we achieve this is by dedicating time to attend the very best digital seminars and courses held at some of the most prestigious venues in the UK. By taking the time to attend these courses and building relationships with the best digitalists in the UK we are given access to knowledge, reports and tools which are not always available in the public domain. Our predictive strategies give our clients first adopter gains and an advantage over their competition.

General Assembly – Course (SEO Fundamentals for 2017)

Last month Wirebox visited General Assembly at The Relay Building on Whitechapel High Street. GA (General Assembly) is one of the most respected digital training providers in London and the US. Some of their Client and Hiring Partners include some of the biggest organisations in the world such as Google, Microsoft and Visa.

You can find a number of their fantastic Digital Marketing courses via their website https://generalassemb.ly/education?format=classes-workshops&topic=7

Key SEO strategies for 2017

So here is what we learnt and a small taster of what your business should be doing to improve your SEO in the upcoming year.


81% of all internet usage starts with search. Google is the number one search engine in the world with 4 Billion+ searches every day. The second largest search engine is now YouTube with over 0.5 Billion search per day.

Video is getting more and more important every day to online success and this will only continue to grow. By 2019 Cisco has predicted that two-thirds of mobile web browsing will be video. Users will no longer read text on mobile web pages but will consume information by watching videos.

Over the past year, we have seen video play a stronger role in ranking factors and a properly tagged video with transcript can dramatically boost your keywords in search ranking pages.

Top 3 ranking is even more important

One of the truest quotes I have ever seen in relation to SEO is the following. “The best place to hide a dead body is……. Page two of Google” In previous years being on Page one was seen as some success but recent figures show this is no longer enough. The click through rate of position 8 (which is still now on page 1 of Google) is only 1% almost nothing. Position 1 sees an average of 38% click through rate, position 2 23% and position 3 11%. This could coincide with Google removing paid ads from the right hand side and now showing more ads and the top of results. But one thing is for sure if you are not in the top 3 results you will find it harder to generate traffic.

Great SEO is no longer just SEO

Previously SEO was relatively simple, well simpler than it is now anyway. There were always four main focus areas, links, keywords, rankings, and crawl. Now for a successful SEO strategy, you should be thinking about all of the following areas.

Design and UX – Google now considers user experience as a ranking factor and results will drop if you have high bounce rates.

Keywords – Thinking about what keywords you wish to target is now even more strategic as competitiveness gets greater. Using Google Keyword Planner can help.

Rankings – As mentioned previously top 1-3 position is key to larger success.

Links – Backlinks have changed somewhat since the recent updates and it is now all about being ethical rather than a numbers game.

Crawl – Google remembers your website each time it is crawled and if you update your content regularly Google crawl every couple of days. If you do not update you content for a year do not expect Google to be back for about the same amount of time.

Social – This year saw Tweets starting to appear in search results. Social is already huge and will continue to play a strong role.

Content – Quality regular content is the best way to achieve organic backlinks. Content was king, is still king and will always be king.

Internationalisation – If your business is global your website should be also. Think about language.

Speed – It is proven that the shorter the load speed the better you website will convert. However Google also now consider this as a ranking factor and website which load poorly will see a drop in ranking.

Localisation – Google’s latest algorithm change “Pigeon” rolled out on the 24th July 2016 and will continue to flex itself into 2017. http://searchengineland.com/everything-need-know-pigeon-algorithm-211771

Mobile – Google are going to divide its index and mobile will be the primary. Having a mobile strategy in the early part of 2017 is vital.

Video – Improves rankings and conversions. Also, will play a key part in mobile over the next few years.

This is just a small insight into what is needed to perfect your SEO strategy in 2017. If you would like to discuss your search engine visibility in more detail Wirebox offers a free SEO audit and hour conversation.

By admin November 2016

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