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June 2013

Responsive Web Sites

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A business needs a website not only to promote their services and products, but to provide reassurance and confidence in the company and offerings.  Wirebox believe that the majority of businesses now agree with this statement, although in the early days many companies were slow to adopt or they were priced out of developing a website.

All businesses now are able to achieve an on-line presence in some form, templates are available or you can download the tools to build your own website.

Companies which were first to adopt and invested in websites had a lead on their competition. Their sites were viewed first and when Search Engines came about, they were highest in the results.   The investment which may have been somewhat of a risk paid off and the business opportunities became more frequent.

Even today, the likes of Google gives greater authority to websites (or more importantly URL’s) that are older than the new websites.  A new website could be exactly the same to a website which is over 1 year old, but the older site will appear higher in the results google returns.

The traffic growth we are now seeing is been driven by the growth in use of smartphones, tablets or appliances connected to the Internet.   In many cases people browsing these websites will be viewing your company information from a screen smaller than a laptop screen.

When your website is viewed from a smartphone, what do people see?  Can they navigate through the site and is the information provided visible to the user.  If the answer is no, their first impression will be to go to another website.

A responsive website will be displayed to fit into the display size of the users screen.  This will allow the user to view the content and navigate to the information you want them to see.  The users experience of the website will be vastly improved against that of a non responsive website, something all businesses should care about.

Google recommends mobile optimised websites  as it increases the user experience. It also returns websites which are optimised for mobile higher in the rankings than those sites that are not – on the mobile search results.

With the number of searches from mobile devices set to overtake non mobile in 2016 now is the time for the business to become responsive and unlock their site to mobile users.   Websites which have high bounce rates or where users leave quickly is noted by Google and this s reflected in their overall rankings.

Contact Wirebox today to discuss your on-line requirements before your competition does…..

By admin June 2013

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