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An E-commerce platform that is a multi national and can be used to send over money and make purchases all around the world.

What is Paypal?

Paypal specialises in payments for items online and also sending money. Now as they expand a number of high street shops take this form of payment. Pay Pal also offers a credit service where customers are able to pay for their shopping in 3 payments or place onto their credit account.

Why is Paypal good?

It can allow a global connection online with money. You can send money from almost everywhere and sent in the currency of the recipient. You can also have several business facilities for example; a fraud protection tool a data security feature. You can place your customers mind at ease when it comes to paying with Paypal.

How we use Paypal in everyday life

With Paypal its not just about shopping online, you can also use it to pay in stores physically. Receiving money has never been so easy. Customers can pay directly through Paypal and you can receive the funds almost instantly.  You can also change your currency to send money nationwide.

What Wirebox do for you..

We can integrate Paypal as a payment method, we do that on Mr Clutch, card payment, We can also prioritise buttons in the right order to let the customers see the preferred options first.Customer sets up the agreement with the payment provider, we then get access to the code to embed that payment account into their website. Some payment providers allow POS integration for card payments, so the website can send the payment details to the terminal.