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February 2017

Odoo 101: Variable Attributes

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What are Variable Attributes?

When selling products online, such as hats, those hats may come in different colours, kinds, sizes, materials, etc. These are the variable attributes of your product, and a customer using your site will need to choose amongst these different attributes to find the product that they want to buy. Being able to choose easily and quickly between variables allows the customer to make a purchase with little inconvenience, increasing the chances of a sale. It also helps the customer to choose if they have a clear understanding of how variables differ and what the different options look like.

Odoo and Variable Attributes

Odoo, an open source enterprise management suite, allows you to control the use of variable attributes through two modules: sale_product_variants and product_variants_no_automatic_creation. These modules create variants when a product sale is confirmed and block the creation of variants in the product template, meaning that you decide which variable attributes to use and how. Configuring these variables is easy with Odoo, you just choose the template for a product, select ‘variant’ and then choose which attributes to use as the variable attributes. This gives both businesses and customers the flexibility to decide exactly what kind of product they want. With Odoo, customers can choose specific quantities of each product attribute, so that they can place bulk orders of products with different attributes.

Configurable Products and Customer Engagement

Consumer engagement and choice is an important part of marketing. When you look at products in a shop, you have the choice to look at and compare different kinds of product. This freedom of choice isn’t always replicated on commercial sites, but it can be done and just as effectively as in offline stores. Making the choosing between products not just easy but also interesting and fun can help to give your e-commerce site a USP that customers will appreciate when deciding whether to return. E-commerce sites can do this well, turning the act of choosing a product into a multimedia experience. For example, the use of digital catalogues, such as this for the company Bulgin that Wirebox developed, makes shopping online not just simple but also interesting. This is why variable attributes for products is important, and why Odoo is one of the best tools for this aspect of digital business.

By admin February 2017

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