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December 2016

Odoo 101: Barcode Scanner Connection

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Many online commercial businesses, particularly large retailers, make use of warehouses and barcode scanners. Yet one of the most difficult aspects of warehouse organising is the synchronisation of data. You have to keep track of large numbers of items: what they are, where they’re going and how much they cost. Barcode scanners can be used to make this system work, by recording all the information about a product on a barcode and then have a database to locate the storage and shipping requirements for a particular product. But this system has to be integrated with Odoo if you’re using an Odoo ERP which requires a special programme. However, Wirebox has the experience and capability to integrate Odoo with your company’s business model, taking into account your service needs and already-existing business structure.

Odoo can be used to immediately record product barcodes using a mobile device with a camera. This works well for smaller warehouses or online stores with a smaller number of products. Another option if you have a lot of stock is to use a professional barcode scanner. This device increases the range and speed with which you can scan items. The app can be integrated with barcode scanners such as the Zebra scanner by Motorola. Data from the scanner can then be input directly into your ERP account.

Odoo is applicable to all aspects of business management, including the managing of warehouses. This is just one way in which technology can bring together diverse and often diffuse aspects of businesses. By managing your warehouse through Odoo, you can not only ensure the smooth running of the storage and movement of stock, but also make changes to the system swiftly without having to overhaul everything. It’s for this reason that adding barcode scanner facilities to your Odoo ERP is the way to go for any tech-savvy business.

By admin December 2016

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