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January 2017

Odoo 10

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Odoo 10: The 7 New Updates to Learn About

Odoo 10 is out, the latest version of the complete Enterprise Resource Planning software that so many choose to run their businesses with. Odoo has undergone an immense change, from the complete rewriting of some applications to the addition of tasks. A grand total of 112 changes have been made, by the work of over 150 tireless developers, to create a suite of tools that any business owners and managers can use to rationalise and improve their businesses. From customer relations to stock intake and project management, Odoo 10 gives power to the user over all these aspects. There are 7 general features to look out for when upgrading to the newest version:

Web Page Editor

New features of the web page editor include a new media management module, to deal with social media related to your company. There are also new building blocks in Themes, a wider variety to use as the blueprint for your website. There is also a customer Portal to enable real-time sales follow ups, integrating customer experience into this strand of the process. Finally, there’s blog customisation, so that you can better develop your business blog to maintain your brand.

Odoo Expenses

The application for human resource management can be used to send expense notes to management quickly and easily. Cutting through unnecessary paperwork, Odoo Expenses can be used to send an email with a photocopy of bills. One click reimbursement also streamlines the activity. The app can also be used by authorised parties to track the reports of employees and teams to determine progress and ensure that expenses are properly claimed.

Odoo Helpdesk

This is a brand new application which allows users to manage customer support and services. There are also livechat, messaging and mailing functions to facilitate customer interaction. Through these avenues for communication tickets can be created either automatically or manually, to respond customer queries or demands when required. There is also the facility for an online forum or FAQ to help inform customers about your business.

API and Performance

The API code which forms the backbone of Odoo’s software has been deprecated, leading to an overall improvement in loading speed and performance. Other backend changes, such as fast breadcrumb redirects, also improve overall performance.

Odoo MRP

This app simplifies the Odoo modules used by integrating them with the company’s digital platform. From quality management to maintenance, from Work Center Tablets to Push and Pull rules, Odoo MRP compresses all these functions into an easy-to-use, flexible system to harmonise workflows and emphasise results.

Odoo Studio

Another completely new app to help you create and customise other apps. The main advantage of this module is that it can be used by non-experts, you don’t have to rely on your developers to change the system. You can customise actions, product images, menus and translations with a minimum of clicks and a maximum of satisfaction.

Odoo Ecommerce

The new ecommerce dashboard is integrated with Google analytics, meaning you can produce sales and product statistics simply. There are also 2 new payment providers to give customers greater choice, and this is available in the Community Edition of Odoo as well as Odoo Enterprise. You can display the price of products with or without sales tax and multiple images of the product can be issued with different attributes and magnifications.

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