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December 2016

Magento and Odoo Integration

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Magento and Odoo are two of the most popular open-source, community based digital platforms around for businesses. But do you need to choose between the two, or can you integrate these two systems in order to get the best of both worlds? We were asked by a customer how they could use Magento for ecommerce and Odoo for business organisation together. Integration of different platforms for online businesses is possible and doing so doesn’t have to be difficult or consuming: here’s how to blend Magneto and Odoo seamlessly into your digital business model and the everyday running of your organisation.

There are several Magento-Odoo ‘connectors’ on the market, which work with the frameworks of both Magento and Odoo in order to divide tasks between the two platforms in a way that makes sense and coordinates the activities of customers and staff. Odoo Magento Connector divides the workflow by allowing customers to search for stock, buy and send the stock to their location using Magento. The in-store activities of locating, packaging, distributing and organising stock is done through Odoo. The connector uses APIs, applications which facilitate the interface, rather than flat file exchanges. The connector has the added benefit of being able to connect any ecommerce platform with OpenERP, not just Magento. The product is robust and simple, and scalable to multiple shops.

There is also an Odoo app called Magento Connector, also known as Magentoerpconnect. It is structured so that it can be easily modified with independent add-ons, meaning that the integration can be tailored to your company’s individual requirements, allowing you to keep any USP’s. The app can be installed fairly easily and has a small core of essential modules for different aspects of your ecommerce business. It is so easy to navigate that you experience the integration as a single platform, rather than two with different tasks.

There are clear benefits to Odoo-Magento integration for both the business and for the end user. Integration makes business processes more efficient and flexible, while taking care of a variety of functions. Odoo and Magento focus on different aspects of business organisation, so if you have an online business you might as well get them both, and if you get them both you might as well integrate them! Contact Wirebox today to ask about integrating your digital platforms to make your business competitive in a digital business world.

By admin December 2016

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