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November 2016

LSI Keywords: Their Function and Application

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LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are the terms that people are likely to search for when looking for your site. On Google’s page rankings, suggestions for search words that are also used are provided. These are LSI keywords and, if used in the text of your website, will increase your search rankings and help to increase meaningful traffic (traffic likely to yield leads or interest) to your site. If you use LSI keywords successfully, then you can increase and strengthen your relationships with users and customers, as well as promoting your business. But there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Keyphrase Length

Over 50% of search engine users use keyphrases with 3 words or more, compared with 30% of users who use 2 keywords and 13% of users who use just 1. So it can be good to look for sets of keywords which are used together to form phrases, and put those keywords into the text of your site either as entire phrases or close together. Obviously, any key phrases that are used shouldn’t be ‘crowbarred’ into the text, but should be consistent with the context and flow of the text.

Keyword Choice

You can use Google’s search engine to look up your own site and find out which words and phrases direct to your site, as well as what other words are search for as well. Or you can use Google’s AdWords tool to find ideas for keywords. These keywords should be relevant to your business; some people might get to your site through a roundabout way, especially if another site links prominently to yours, but you want those people who will be interested in what your business has to offer.

Further Tips

Once you’ve come up with your keywords or phrases, and have decided how to use them in your website, the next consideration is which keywords your competitors use, and to distinguish yourself from them by using unique keywords which will apply to your business but not your competitors. Finally, check what effect adding a keyword has to your traffic, and in particular to which parts of your site the traffic increases. You can then learn which keywords have which effect, and tailor your use of keywords to the goals and the groups you wish to target. This will be a matter of trial and error, but will levitra bayer uk sales yield important insights for your business.

By admin November 2016

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