JCB VW have the franchise for selling new and used Volkswagen’s in Ashford & Medway, Kent.  Their premises are open to the public 7 days a week and they actively encourage users to visit their premises and browse the vehicles they have for sale.


They recognised the need for clients to be able to browse the Internet and access information when required.  There was no WiFi in place for their clients to utilise in either of their showrooms. It was recognised in 2014 that this should be offered from an organisation that welcomes clients to their site.


Creating a commercial portal for the Internet is different to that in most homes.  It needs to support greater areas in terms of reach and support a greater number of users. In addition, when looking at multiple sites you need to look at a scalable solution.

Wirebox integrated a WiFi system utilising Unifi’s secure Gateway.

Whilst visiting one of their two showrooms users can now log onto the portal supplied by JCB VW through Wirebox. Upon accessing the network and providing an email address for marketing users are welcomed to he holding page for JCB VW.

All details of people accessing the site through their portal are stored on the back end of the system, for which they can be added to the business marketing lists.

The system goes one step further. Marketing is required to be targeted and specific to what the target person is interested. The system implemented by Wirebox tracks the different pages that users view and this is then recorded in the back end of the system.

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