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January 2017

Intelligence driven keyword research

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Classical keyword research, finding out how many times a keyword is used to get to your site in a given timeframe, is not particularly relevant to marketing for online businesses. Sure, it tells you what people type to get to your site, but it doesn’t necessarily tell you why, or what products they’re actually looking for, or how they want information conveyed to them. Rewriting your website to include keywords, especially keywords that are specific to one or a few products, is time consuming and ineffective.

But we now have the tools to fine tune keyword research and provide us with information directly relevant to the question that we’re asking: ‘How should we rewrite our ecommerce site?’

SEMRush is a tool that allows you to filter data by a URL indicator, meaning that you can find which particular pages people were searching for on your site. If they were using a particular keyword to go to a page with /product/ in the URL, then they were looking for a product. If they searched for a URL containing /about/, then they were looking for information about your company. This can help you to pinpoint where keywords should be implemented in your website.

Scraper for Chrome gives you a way to develop the XPath on page URLs to develop the data point. This amounts to looking at the cumulative popularity of your products by category. This will give you a clear indication of where to start: which products are the most searched for and so which you should add keywords to.

Screaming Frog lets you crawl through the data of your pages, like Google would do to pick out the keywords that people will look for. You can then consolidate this data to give a rounded picture of what people are searching for on your site, how often and why. This will help you to start updating your ecommerce site’s keywords in an intelligent, honed way.

By admin January 2017

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