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September 2016


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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a company that creates inbound marketing software. Inbound marketing is promotion through social media, newsletters, products and other forms of content marketing. These forms of promotion attempt to draw people in by gaining their interest and through word of mouth. In contrast, forms of outbound marketing such as cold calling or TV advertising involve marketers going out to people to get their attention. So inbound marketing brings people to the content, outbound marketing brings content to people.

HubSpot software provides tools for social media, content management, web analytics, search optimisation and web page creation. These instruments combine to provide a complete online marketing solution for companies and marketers. The HubSpot website also supports a community of users which can be used to network as well as learn more about the software and its applications.

HubSpot practices its own concept of inbound marketing by providing a profusion of content through blogs, social media, webinars and many other means. Central to this marketing programme is the provision of free online tools to help content marketers in their work. For example, Website Grader is a tool that can be used to grade a website’s performance and compares it to other ranked websites. Another is WhoTweetedMe.com, which you can use to see how many people have tweeted about a particular website.

Wirebox’s Work With HubSpot

We are adept at using HubSpot to integrate websites and online platforms, thereby displaying content in order to increase traffic and generate leads. We have worked with numerous clients to help them get the best out of HubSpot to increase their web presence. For example, we helped clients to set up online questionnaires for users. These questionnaires were designed to be fun and engaging, while also facilitating the collection of information which can be organised into a database and used for further marketing campaigns.

While HubSpot has an Application Programming Interface to allow this software to be set up, we had to use our development expertise to integrate the API with the websites of the clients, so that the data collected could flow into the database as well as a PDF file. We then designed the website to channel the data collected into an email so as to distribute the results. This greatly improved the client’s efficiency in registering users and collecting information quickly and securely.

If you’re interested in finding out how you could get the most from HubSpot, or want to integrate it into your company’s website, contact us for information or a quote.

By admin September 2016

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