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August 2015

How can video benefit you?

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Our partner Silvertip Films produce a wide range of video content – corporate videos, online video, motion graphic animations, live event coverage and even the occasional music video.

Video is what Silvertip Films do, they love it.

They have worked with a lot of businesses  to produce content to form part of their video marketing strategy and help grow their business.


These videos range from an interview with single or multiple members of staff – perfect for giving the viewer an introduction into a company or service. They also shoot full promotional videos showcasing businesses, their facilities and introducing their unique selling points. They attend and record at live events to create videos for online reference and to promote upcoming events.

Motion graphic animations are like whiteboard animations but take it a step up – bespoke animation created in video is a powerful tool as it is able to capture the users attention and imagination, something Silvertip Films have been very successful in completing.

Examples of successful video marketing:

Silvertip Films produced a series of product demonstration videos for a company selling motorbike protective gear. In addition, a weekly video log was created which aided their sales growth even further and was seen as credible content for their marketing. The business received an increase in sales of over 600% which can be attributed to the Digital content.


A telesales company hired Silvertip to create a recruitment and also a new business video, both of which helped their business grow substantially enough that they needed to take over a third floor in their office block in London!

The business also works with long term projects, a theatre company utilises their services throughout the year to produce content and trailers for their upcoming productions. The company in question benefits from sold out shows and also a wealth of material for use in their educational portflio.


A multinational travel agent hired Silvertip to produce multiple videos for various destinations which have then formed the backbone of their video marketing campaigns for these locations. The videos have featured in-store, online and on TV.

Each video they produce for a business has a visible effect for them whether it be a sales increase or a successful recruitment drive.


Working with Wirebox, Silvertip Films have covered conferences for a large engineering construction training board and shot a series of instructional videos for an osteopath which developed into forming an online video database of fitness instructional clips.

As part of their overall service, Silvertip are able to assist in developing scripts, the shooting schedule and carrying out the shoot itself. The content is delivered in high definition or 4K finished video, ready to go.

Wirebox know online. Silvertip know video. You know your business. Together, the three of us are a powerful combination, perfectly positioned to take your business further.


By admin August 2015

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