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July 2019

How a heat map will help you to understand your user experience

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How a heat map will help you to understand your user experience

Heat maps are increasing in popularity and they are a great way to look at data and easily identify trends. They also help you to understand what you need to do next.

So what is a heat map?

A heat map is a way to visually represent user activity on a page on your website.  It highlights the varying intensities of user activity at each point on the page and records the data.

There are broadly two types of heat maps;

1. Mouse tracking which tracks the mouse movement of the visitor on a website over a specific period of time.  The data is then shown as a graphic, most commonly using colours to identify intensity.

2. Eye- tracking: A type of user testing across a sample size of the website’s visitors that tracks their eye movement as they engage with the webpage.

So what are the advantages of a heat map and what can you learn?

  • You can identify which headlines draw in visitors and encourage them to click.
  • How images attract attention and how people engage with them.
  • What are the distractions? Are visitors looking at the content that you want them to look at? Does it match your expectation?
  • You will be able to see how your email opt in/opt out box is performing. Just one simple change here can improve sign up dramatically.
  • Whether the site navigation is clear and whether visitors know how to use it.
  • If people can locate your search functionality easily.
  • How much content your visitors are actually reading and how engaged they are with it.

These are just some of the things that you can do.  If you drill down further you can look at where on the page your customer looks and how much time they spend on each section. This identifies where you should distribute content on your page to get the best response.

You can also start to identify the differences between your audiences.  How gender, age and geographical location affect how content is consumed. Eventually you can also start to look at images across your pages and how users interact with them, allowing you to test and tailor your content.

Identifying these issues that negatively impact conversion rates is a great way to continuously optimise your website.  It gives you the knowledge to better understand what you need to test on your website with the ultimate goal of improving the customer journey and conversion rate.

This is why Wirebox have designed a unique service that not only monitors your website’s health and user experience but that gives you internet security.

You will benefit from a service that;

  • Identifies how your users experience your website and uncover insights to help you to make the right changes for example heat maps, recordings, conversion funnels, and surveys.
  • Gives you access to services that monitor your website’s health.  We will show you how your website is performing on Google against your competitors and how to boost your SEO optimisation.
  • Constantly scans and mitigates possible attacks against malware such as ransomware, virus, adware, spyware and trojan.
  • Responds immediately to any compromise, so that we can fix the problem asap.
  • Includes antivirus software.
  • Protects your investment – your website content and traffic is important to you. We make sure it stays safe from harm.

So why not take away the worry now and improve and protect your website!

For more information and to view our product and pricing packages click here

By admin July 2019

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