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March 2015

Have you heard about KA-BOOM?

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Have you heard about KA-BOOM?

It’s an explosive new app that connects brands to the people that love them. Available on any tablet or mobile device, you can use KA-BOOM to advertise your brand using above the line marketing (mass media) and below the line marketing (niche media). Anyone who has KA-BOOM can use their device to find interactive content in images or audio recordings containing a KA-BOOM code.

You can put KA-BOOM codes in books, billboards, websites, television, music or radio. The audio codes cannot be heard by the human ear. You can also make visual codes invisible to the naked eye, meaning that users have the opportunity to hunt for particular brands in various media.

Inspired by the democratic nature of online apps and social media, KA-BOOM allows you to analyze the amount of exposure your brand is getting, as well as ROI, in real time. You can also update the content of KA-BOOM codes to meet immediate demand.

KA-BOOM is about to revolutionize customer-brand interaction. It uses next generation app technology to connect and engage with the public. Since the content of KA-BOOM codes are changeable, you can change and add content on demand without the costs of printing and recording, without making a massive carbon footprint and without wondering whether or not anyone’s looking at or listening to it.

In a not so distant future, KA-BOOM will be the choice for savvy marketers and savvy consumers. Will you be waiting for the KA-BOOM? We sure will be!

For more information about KA-BOOM or to discuss how KA-BOOM can change your marketing outcomes contact YUMYUM…

To download app go here.

By admin March 2015

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