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November 2016

Google to divide its index, within months!

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(How this is one of the biggest opportunities for businesses in recent years)

Here is what you need to know

Currently, Google has a single index of documents which serves both Mobile and Desktop results pages. However, Google’s Gary Illyes recently announced they will be releasing a separate mobile search index, which will become the primary one, most likely within the next few months.

Not implementing a mobile strategy now will cause your rankings and traffic to drop and could even fall off the mobile results totally.

This type of techie information is often overlooked by the everyday marketing agency, marketing manager or business owner. There were many releases very similar to this leading up to Mobilegeddon and this time it will pay to make note rather than be faced with a Mopocalypse.

Wirebox Mobile Audit

Wirebox can perform a full mobile audit on your website and create a plan to future-proof your website and highlight anyway you can gain an advantage over your competitors.

What is covered in the audit;

  • Check Google Search Console to ensure there are no URLs which have problems with mobile crawling
  • Check view port configuration to ensure your website is responsive on all devices
  • Check font size – Google recommends a font size of 16 CSS pixels. This ensures your text is easily viewable on mobile.
  • Run a Google mobile-friendly test and report on any improvements which can be made
  • Performa a speed test to ensure load time is below the recommended 2 second.
  • Produce a report on current mobile web ranking status

AMP what is it and what are the benefits?

The most obvious reason for this Google change is it ties in with Google’s recent release of AMP or Mobile Accelerated Pages. AMP allows you to produce webpages which render super-fast and also makes these pages more reliable. Google sees this as taking a step towards providing a better mobile web for us all, but there are also major benefits for businesses.

The Benefits

  • Early adopters will see higher rankings for their main keywords
  • Decreasing load time can drastically improve conversions
  • Increased visibility via new sections of results pages
  • Implementing AMP now will future proof your website in a controlled and planned manor
  • Increase the overall user experience of your website (now considered in ranking factors)

Wirebox can help your company optimise your content using AMP and leverage early adopter gains. With only a few months before this change is rolled out adding AMP to your mobile strategy now will put your business ahead of your competition and give you an advantage.

Amplify your website today with Wirebox

By admin November 2016

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