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November 2016

Google is changing! How can your business take advantage?

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“Within Months Google will separate mobile and desktop”

How can my business benefit?

  • Leverage higher rankings for your main keywords (jump ahead of competitors)
  • Improve conversions and boost online sales and enquiries
  • Increase visitors to your website and feature in new areas of Google
  • Make your website super-fast and more reliable on mobile
  • Implementing a mobile strategy now will future proof your website in a controlled and planned manner
  • Increase the overall user experience of your website (increases conversions and rankings)

Why should I take action now?

In April 2015 Mobilegeddon caused a huge panic for 90% of business owners who had not implemented a mobile strategy even though Google had been giving plenty of warnings. It seemed as though overnight Google made a decision to cause major inconvenience to any business with an online presence (and no mobile strategy) as they stated that any website which was not mobile friendly would see a major drop in search engine rankings. This was a major strain on most businesses as they had not planned for this action and budgets, time and effort needed to be placed quickly into updating their website.

What is changing?

Currently, Google uses the same results for both mobile and desktop. However, Google’s Gary Illyes recently announced they will be releasing a separate mobile search index, which will become the primary one, most likely within the next few months.

How can my business get a head start?

The most obvious reason for this change is it ties in with Google’s recent release of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP allows you to produce web pages which render super-fast and also makes these pages more reliable. Google sees this as taking a step towards providing a better mobile web for us all, but there are also major benefits for businesses.

With only a few months before this change is rolled out adding AMP to your mobile strategy now will put your business ahead of your competition and give you an advantage.

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By admin November 2016

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