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August 2015

Do you have control over your domain name and server?

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Does your company have control over it’s website’s domain name and server? It might not be clear why this is important, but it’s something that every company should understand and care about.

If you used an agency or IT company to help set up your website or manage your online presence, that agency might control or even own the domain name and server. What this means is that the agency can control your domain name and server in the event that something happens – for example, if your company goes out of business. When you don’t control your own domain name or server information about your company, as well as the impression people get of your company online, are in the hands of someone else.

There are many good reasons to own your own company’s server and domain name. Firstly, you have control over your company’s data. Also, if your company’s name or situation changes, you can easily update the domain name. When your server is owned by you, there won’t be any unforeseen changes to your website domain. You can decide what people learn about you when they visit your website or social media platforms.

When it comes to your domain name and server, here is what your company should do:

1)Register domains with your own account

2)Purchase servers or have an agreement to take ownership of servers when you need to

3)Ensure that you have access to servers

4)Setup domains on separate DNS servers rather than where they are hosted

By admin August 2015

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