Our Services

MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS), we use MySQL in a lot of our projects because it’s relative simplicity and ease of use. Many of our projects such as E-ACT Intranet and Kiss and Fly Club use MySQL to add functionality such as basic authentication and content managed pages.

Although MySQL is associated to small to medium scale single-server deployments, MySQL can be deployed on a larger scale with multi-server deployments improving performance and reliability. Mobiya is a project where we worked with MySQL on a larger scale. We improved the performance reducing the time to display adverts from 5 seconds to less than 1/10th of a second (on average with no caching).

Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) is a relational model database server produced by Microsoft and has many advantages over other databases.

The integration with Microsoft Windows is one key advantage helping to maintain security over an organization.

We have worked on many projects with Microsoft SQL Server including a help4IT database to manage vast amounts of data. The integration with Active Directory allowed users to be able to login to the database using the same login credentials as their desktop systems.

This obviously saves user’s time but more then that the security can be managed across all database objects including tables, stored procedures and at a very granular level. Data contained in the database is confidential so security is key.

Oracle Database is one of the world’s most popular databases used by many of the fortune 500 companies.

The financial sector uses Oracle solutions extensively, the reason being is that it offers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, pre-integrated business applications, including key functionality built specifically for banking.

Oracle is synonymous with large corporations but has some major advantages

  • Available on more platforms then any of its competitors.
  • Performance can be very good when tuned.
  • Manage large databases larger then 100GB.
  • Oracle has a superior ability to manage multiple databases within the same transaction using a two-phase commit protocol

Wirebox has experience in managing and building applications using Oracle Databases on many different platforms.

Our Process

Our process of database development includes:


Extracting data from databases and performing certain tasks such as cleaning it, potentially merging it with other data and performing a statistical analysis.


Producing a detailed data model of a database containing all the logical and physical design choices to design in a Data Definition Language to create a database.


Developing a database in a variety of engines based off the design.


Testing a database is an important part of development. We use tools that can replicate many read and writes to the database to simulate live conditions. We use different types of tools including the Web Performance Load Tester.

Work we can do:

  • Develop new database systems alongside bespoke applications, like e-commerce or a web applications
  • Adapting existing databases
  • Data extraction from databases, either through reports or database management tools