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December 2017

Benefits of WP Engine

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WP Engine is the most popular platform for hosting WordPress websites. Created and maintained in Austin, Texas, the platform is used by 30,000 clients in 120 countries around the world. The platform can be purchased at various rates depending on your particular user needs, ranging from personal to professional to business. There are many reasons to use WP Engine for your WordPress site.


WP Engine is very secure. There are proactive security updates regularly to ensure that new features and add-ons are safe to use and free from bugs. There are also regular security scans for hacking attempts. Automatic daily backups to the site help to prevent hacking or the loss of data through accidents. These security measures ensure the safety and privacy of users and give them confidence in using the platform for their commercial website. WP Engine has a staging environment for users to safely test plugins and updates before they apply it to their website, meaning that the visitors to their website won’t be surprised by a plugin that doesn’t work the way it should.

Technical support

Over 100 WP Engine employees provide technical consultation and support for users of the platform. There is also an informative library of resources for customers to learn about WordPress best practices and how to best use the numerous features on offer.


WP Engine has many capacities which make using the platform simple and effective. As opposed to needing endless plugins to cache content, WP Engine comes with custom-built EverCache technology to make content delivery as fast as you can need it. There are also multi-site capabilities, allowing you to co-ordinate and run multiple different websites so that new content can be distributed amongst them. This is particularly important for businesses who use multiple websites as well as social media accounts to increase brand awareness and manage different products or activities. The Proprietary LargeFS Storage feature increases the possible storage space for users, making it practically infinite.

WP Engine has many advantages over other webhosts. It has a range of payment schemes based on how complex you need a platform solution to be. It specialises in WordPress installations, which are used by many people to create their websites. It also uses real people to deliver technical support, so that you can determine what help you need with ease. To learn more about WP Engine, go to the platform website.

By admin December 2017

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