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May 2017

Apps for Email

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Every year the battle rages on: is email marketing dead? Every year some say yes, and the next year the debate is raised again. But what is indisputable is that email is changing.

More people are using email on their mobile devices, with most favouring email as their main channel for commercial messages. It’s clear that email marketing can still generate significant ROI for companies. If you have an online company, you need to manage your emails smartly, and that means having the right resources to manage both your personal and company emails to give you more time to manage your business whilst also providing you with enough tools to organise events, mailouts and other customer loyalty-building actions.

But which email app should you use for this? Here are some of the best apps, their strengths and weaknesses, and what aspects of business they would be useful for.


It’s the classic email platform for anyone with a Google account. It’s free to use, which is a plus. But on the negative side, the default mail function doesn’t work very well. In fact, as features go it’s pretty basic. If you want a boiler-plate mail app, and don’t care much about doing fancy things like scheduling mass emails or complex filters, then you can’t really go wrong with it.

Inbox by Gmail

Son of Gmail, the Inbox is also free and available on Android and iOS. It also comes with a number of new functions, including bundling together similar messages so you can read and delete them all at once, highlights to see the most pertinent information first, reminders so you can go back to an email at a later date, and search to help you find your emails later. Importantly, this app works with Gmail, so if you already have a Gmail account it’s super easy to integrate it.


This free app by Microsoft is for the iPhone and is well liked by its users. It has many features and can support multiple accounts, which makes it good for a group commercial email. There is also a built in calendar and schedule planner to help organise things like meetings. If you’re not too interested by handy dandy features then this can take some getting used to. But it is a solid app for small businesses and groups that need a shared electronic mailing system.


And then there’s MailChimp. If you want to get serious about email marketing, this app can schedule emails to deliver at a specific time for each individual timezone, so that your potential customers from all over the world can get their mail at the same time. However, it does have some small deficiencies, such as not having built-in design services. But if you’re serious about marketing, you’ll probably have a design team anyway.

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By admin May 2017

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