Articles from February 2017

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Application security February 2017

The Guardian’s Journey to HTTPS

The Guardian recently started using HTTPS in their web address, a protocol for secure communication over a computer network. Their stated reasons for the change were privacy and security, improving the site’s SEO, protection of their content and […]

Conference / seminar February 2017

Programs for Startups

A startup is a small business venture or commercial project that you are beginning and hoping to grow fast. Startups require programs and courses of action in order to be effective and have clear, achievable goals. It can […]

APPs February 2017

Odoo 101: Variable Attributes

What are Variable Attributes? When selling products online, such as hats, those hats may come in different colours, kinds, sizes, materials, etc. These are the variable attributes of your product, and a customer using your site will need […]

APPs February 2017

Open Source Revolution

Open source software has allowed businesses to manage their operations more effectively and at reduced cost. Digital ERPs, or Enterprise Resource Planners such as Odoo have the facilities to digitalise and integrate all aspects of a business, including […]

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