Articles from August 2016

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SEO August 2016

SEO 101: Analytics Tools

Analytics are simply ways of quantifying and measuring success. It requires first deciding what your goals are: do you want to increase traffic to your site, or get more people to buy the products you sell online, or […]

SEO August 2016

SEO 101: Design and Development

In order to use SEO effectively, you don’t just need to use links or keywords, as has been explained in previous blogs in this series. You also need to directly design the content and structure of your website […]

CMS August 2016

WordPress vs Drupal

Nowadays, anyone can make a website. But not just anyone can make a great website. To make a commercial site that stands above the crowd, you need to either be a master developer or have a great CMS. […]

CMS August 2016

WordPress vs Joomla

Content Management Systems are vital to the creation of digital content with a common user interface. But there are many CMS’s on the market to choose from. The most popular ones are developed and tailored for different needs […]

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