Articles from March 2015

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APPs March 2015

Have you heard about KA-BOOM?

Have you heard about KA-BOOM? It’s an explosive new app that connects brands to the people that love them. Available on any tablet or mobile device, you can use KA-BOOM to advertise your brand using above the line […]

Development March 2015

The Importance of Backing Up Your Servers

It’s easy to underestimate how important it is to back up your servers. While servers are generally reliable, all it takes is a system failure or a disaster such as flooding or fire to cripple your business. Here […]

Development March 2015

Top Tips for Managing Complex/Technical Projects

Managing a project can seem daunting, and even more so if is complex or technical. Whether you’re working on a new space station or trying to manage a courier service, these tips will help you to gain control […]

CMS March 2015

Why You Should Update WordPress

It may seem like a hassle, but you should update WordPress whenever a new version comes out. Let me explain why. WordPress, like any other piece of software on your computer or mobile device, gets new versions from […]

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